jQuery Input Floating Hint Box

Provide an automatic box hint in the right side of an input, when focus on that input, and disappear when focus go (blur).

The source(@source) of the text can be an attribute (title for example), or a pure html.
Attribute can contain escaped html, example: title="This will be <b>Bold</b>"

All hints can use one div element(@div option) with your custom design, you can make only one 
subelement(@div_sub) of @div context to change (in case you don't want the plugin to overwrite 
everything inside the @div element).

You can provide only the @className, and for each input a separate 
element will be created automatically with @className as class. If user click on the box to select some text (for copy/paste for example), box will not disappear. If you need to make the box appear in more left, use incrementLeft, same for top - incrementTop, you can use - sign if you want to decrement.